First Instyle was a tremendous success over the weekend of August 2-5th. I now welcome 36 new stockists to my business. It was a small showing on a little plinth but it didn’t seem to matter, it was enough for those involved to be won over by the charm of Sustainable Stubbies.

HomeStyleFile gave the Stubbies a good highlight on their blog which also gives you a tiny slice of other beauties on show.


‘Things That Make me Smile’, The Mt Erin College, Artist in Schools project has been three years in the making and finally reached the grand unveiling on Thursday night at the Frankston Hospital. The opening was attended by a large collective of Mt Erin students who participated in the project from the beginning, primary students who did the initial drawings, teachers, principals and the director of the hospital. It was a joyous moment as we watch the first sick children pass the colourful wall pointing and clearly delighted by the distraction.

Click here to find out more… Artist in School | 2009 -2010

Published today in the Sydney Morning Herald is a special feature article.


‘In The Spirit’ has made it through as a finalist in the years Melbourne Design Awards announced on September 19th.

If you haven’t viewed the work or cast a vote as yet please follow the link to learn more.

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