RUTH Lighting aims to be the most versatile luminaire for any interior space.

RUTH has two strands to her Lighting range; Blown, free-formed, technically precise pendants from the furnace and Reclaimed, re-shaped and inflated manufactured bottles transformed into recognisable pendants and clustered together to create dynamic chandeliers.
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Furnace blown designs include the hand-blown Handkerchief often clustered together delivering presence and an impact of magnitude. Cane and Murrine spheres directly inspired by traditional Venetian techniques stand boldly alone or are combined with internal forms of modern colours complementing mood provoking interiors and providing you with the ability to create cohesive, harmonised and thoughtful spaces.

Any combination of colours can be specialised. The interior colour of the dynamic two-part or three-part pendant will cast an overall coloured illumination, the exterior patterning enhancing detail. With no two pendants ever being the same you are guaranteed a unique, precious, hand-made Artwork.

‘I enjoy participating in a sustainable movement and contributing to creating environments that spark people’s imagination and challenge preconceived ideas about the world around them’

Our Melbourne based studio collects bottles from our local community to then wash, cut and prepare for the hot process. Using traditional glassblowing techniques and purpose-built equipment we heat, stretch, inflate and manipulate each bottle into a unique Artwork.

Community is a cornerstone of thinking and practice at RUTH inspiring us to forge vital relationships with bartenders, restauranteurs and Barristas, who are all excited to collect and save beautiful bottles.

‘There is such wealth in reclaiming, up-cycling and re-using. I believe this is what ‘we’ as public want. It is time for the human community to live with objects that reflect our consciousness. It feels great to have our kitchen, bathroom and living rooms illuminated by blown bottles, not only is the combination of light, colour and shape extraordinary but we have chosen to exist with a message. A concept that I believe contributes to transforming the culture and conversation of our time.’

We encourage clients to save bottles with sentimental significance. A romantic dinner for two, Birthday, Anniversary, a send off party for a work colleague, collect your bottles, send them to us and we will transform them into a life-long commemoration of your event. Melbourne based studio collects bottles from our local community

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