Bell Bottom earrings - Multiple Colours


These Bell Bottom earrings have been designed especially for the antique glass African beads.

These Mali Wedding beads are hand-made and are presented to brides on their wedding days. They were made in what was once known as Czechoslovakia, for trade in Africa. They are worn throughout West Africa, specifically in Mali.

When they arrived the surface was scratched and showing wear, I then tumbled them through two grades of mesh to create a smooth soft satin finish that absorbs and emits light as well as being delicious to touch.

The findings are all hand-made in sterling silver by Ruth. The earrings are sold in a black velvet presentation box making an extra special gift and somewhere safe to rest them whilst not being worn.

Each piece is hand made, therefore colours and patterns will vary slightly.

Size: Approximately 5cm length.


Download specification sheet.

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