Campari Up-cycled glass set


The Campari glass has been transformed from manufactured spirit bottles using traditional hot glass techniques. These reclaimed, re-usable drinking glasses are perfect for the iced cocktail, that large glass of water you've been craving and the refreshing ale after a hard days work.

Firstly the Campari bottles are saved, washed, cut and then taken to the 'hot shop'. Using traditional hot glass techniques these pieces are picked up on a puntil (glass rod) and heated until malleable. When hot the glass rim is melted and smoothed it forms the perfect texture for the lips. The sides have been indented slightly for the ergonomics of the grip. I have found the spirit bottles to be slightly too broad for the ladies hand, these glasses indented into an oval form becomes the perfect fit.

I make a special effort not to heat the glass too much so that the original embossing is clear and beautiful upon the surface.

The heating process anneals the glass to make it stronger than in it's original manufactured state, this makes the glass extra robust, perfect for the hospitality sector, children and the dishwasher experience.

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