Vintage CUB Longneck Pendant


Are you interested in surrounding yourself with objects that reflect a consciousness of the sustainability of our planet?

It was by a stroke of luck that a customer contacted me and asked if I would like to have 60 vintage CUB bottles from a now deceased tomato sauce making family legacy. The bottles, now out of production are heavily embossed and generous in material making it a pleasure to re-shape into a classic tear drop pendant. The Vintage CUB longneck pendant will complete any cigar bar, outside patio or inner city hip destination. This golden honey hue from the amber glass emanates the warmth of a winter hearth inviting deep relaxation. The original embossing of CUB is easily recognisable when the pendant is on and off.

Each pendant is handmade making dimensions variable an no two the same.
Approximate Height: 310mm Width: 120mm Weight: 500g

Our up-cycled pendant light range are created from manufactured bottles resourced from our local community which have then been blown and transformed using traditional hot glass techniques. Utilising the dynamic forms and familiar characteristics of the ready-made designs are created with integrity to their origins and to be versatile, catering to residential, commercial or larger unusual spaces. The possibilities are endless please contact us directly if you have inquiries about a custom project.

We encourage the sourcing and reclaiming of your own bottles for the added sentimentality of your product and of course enjoying the sense of involvement from drinking & sharing to final illumination.

The pendants are sandblasted unless otherwise requested, this ensures that the light diffuses evenly throughout the form.

Fixture pack includes; 1.5m black flex, 1 x E27 bakelite lamp holder with chord grip, 1 x LED bulb specified for 15,000 hour.

Download specification sheet here.

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