Dimple Green Whiskey cups

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These Dimple Green Whiskey cups have been up-cycled from craft beer bottles. Our Melbourne based studio collects bottles from our local community to then wash, cut and prepare for the hot process. Using traditional glassblowing techniques and purpose built equipment we heat, manipulate and transform each bottle into a unique drinking glass. These special little cups have a dimple to one side for the ergonomics of the thumb.
Due to cheating process the glass becomes much stronger than in it's original state make these cups perfect for the hospitality sector, everyday use and the dishwasher experience.

“I enjoy participating in a sustainable movement and contributing to creating environments that spark people’s imagination and challenge preconceived ideas of the world about them.'

'There is such wealth in reclaiming, up-cycling and re-using. I believe this is what we as public want. It is now time for the human community to live with objects that reflect our consciousness and ethos about how we exist, I believe this contributes greatly to transforming the culture and conversation of our time.’

These cups are approximately 7cm in height and hold approximately 100ml of liquid

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