Jack Daniels Pendant


The Jack Daniels Pendant has been transformed from a 750ml angular JD bottle. The bottle has been heated to retain the integrity of the rectangular shoulder line and blown to create a well rounded pear shaped belly giving a beautiful line from prominent angles to the round. The clear frosted body allows maximum illumination to any room.

Each pendant is handmade making no two the same and dimensions variable.

Approximate Height: 300mm Width: 150mm Weight 500g

Our up-cycled pendant light range are created from manufactured bottles resourced from our local community which have then been blown and transformed using traditional hot glass techniques. Utilising the dynamic forms and familiar characteristics of spirit, champagne, wine and beer bottles, designs are created to be versatile catering to residential, commercial or larger unusual spaces. The possibilities are endless please contact us directly if you have inquiries about a custom project.

We encourage the sourcing and reclaiming of your own bottles for the added sentimentality of your product and of course enjoying the sense of involvement from drinking & sharing to final illumination.

The pendants are sandblasted unless otherwise requested, this ensures that the light diffuses evenly throughout the form.

Fixture pack includes; 1.5m black flex, 1 x E27 bakelite lamp holder with chord grip, 1 x LED bulb specified for 15,000 hours.

Download specification sheet here.


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