Murrine bowl - White Honeycomb

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This exquisite one of a kind White Honeycomb Murrine Bowl is a  commanding centrepiece upon any table.

This bowl is designed for everyday use. Ideal for salad and fruit, or simply capturing glorious light.

To make this detailed pattern in the glass, I firstly pull a bunch canes with enamel white exterior and clear interior. These canes are then cut into smaller sections and are then flipped to expose the cross section. The murrine is then laid into a rectangular mosaic formation, heated, and picked up on the hot bubble of glass. We then blow this into a bowl. Once cold, the bowl is sandblasted on the outside to diffuse the light evenly. The inside is left all-natural to give a little bling.

Best washed with warm soapy water.

Measures approx: 30cm wide & 9cm deep

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