Portal - White Sketch with Silver


The Portal neckpieces were born from an intimate relationship with material, process, aesthetic and the conceptual departure from earlier jewellery works.

The hand-blown tube can be positioned in various angles along the length of the silk or velvet playing to the mood and attire of the wearer.

The glass is cut for a sharp finish, it is polished to enable light to be absorbed and emitted, transparent colours are chosen to lure you inside and out.
The silk and crushed silk velvet are all made and hand-painted by renowned artist Victoria Rowell. These beautiful fabrics are then looped and hand-sewn to create a streamlined and comfortable fit, slipping over the neck and under any garment.

The Portal neckpiece series thoughtfully plays with shape, scale and length of suspension to deliver a broad scope for individual taste, body shape and personal attraction to detail.

Each piece is unique and a one-off artwork

Glass piece 150mm x 130mm x 30mm variable
Silk/Velvet Sash 900mm variable

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