Up-cycled Olive Oil pourer


The up-cycled Olive Oil pourer is created from reclaimed craft beer bottles.

Used manufactured bottles are found, washed and prepared for transformation using traditional hot glass techniques. Each bottle is heated and picked up individually upon a puntil (long stainless steel rod), the bottles are heated until malleable and then indented for the ergonomics of the hand. These pourers are then placed back into the kiln to cool down slowly to room temperature.

Due to the heating process the pourers become much stronger than in their original state, they are robust for every day use as well as being able to withstand the dishwasher experience. Each pourer is completely unique in it's formation, I have tried hard to bend the neck using gravity into an oblique angle to enable easy pouring.

These pourers come as a right or left handed option, it all depends what side of the bottle the indentation is on.

This is your perfect cooking companion, easy to refill, easy to grab & easy to pour.

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