2 Hour Intensive Introduction

Make Your Own Paperweight & Vessel
MIN/MAX – 3 Participants 

Ages: 10 years & UP

In this 2hr Intensive Introduction workshop, three participants will be introduced to the 'Hot Shop' floor including equipment, tools and safety procedures. Participants will then be guided by a master glassblower through the process of gathering molten glass from the furnace, this chamber running at 1100 degrees is one of the most exhilarating experiences. Participants will also be guided through the steps of colour application and working in a team. From solid glass creations we will move promptly into blowing your own vessel, often a drinking tumbler that then inevitably ends up as your favourite.

Participants will be encouraged to engage in teamwork. Traditionally the art of glassblowing is practiced by a team, one person blowing through the pipe whilst the other shapes the molten material. Seated at a bench on the hot-shop floor, you will use glassblowing tools including jacks, blocks, paddles, punties and blowpipes to shape and work the molten glass, before placing the finished work in an annealer (a kiln that cools the piece at a controlled rate to avoid stressing and cracking the glass) overnight.

No previous experience is required.

TESTIMONIALS: Ruth workshops are absolutely fantastic. The magic of hot glass is thrilling. Ruth is an excellent teacher, who is able to explain everything going on, safely, while also encouraging students' autonomy to work on their own designs and have physical control of the glassmaking process. The end result is several beautiful pieces of glass, made all the more special by having created them yourself. I couldn't recommend her workshops highly enough! - CLARE

Ruth is a wonderful artist and person. She is meticulous in her work, and is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and supportive teacher. She patiently guided us through the glass blowing workshop as a team, taking us through each step and helped us make the most of collaborative learning. She created a positive and safe environment for all of us, always there with expert hands when we needed. The objects we made were far beyond what I thought initially possible for me as a beginner; I can't wait to learn more from Ruth! - HERMOINE

Next workshop dates commence mid May and run through to the end of June 2021

$200 each (exc gst)

Available Appointment on June 20, 2021

  9:30 am – 11:30 am1 space available

20 Minute One-on-One Tuition with Master Glassblower
Make Your Own Paperweight 

Ages: 8 years & UP

In this 20 minute one-on-one session with the expert guidance of a Master Glassblower, learn some of the basic glassblowing techniques to make a spherical or egg-shaped paperweight.

Seated at a bench on the hot shop floor, you will use glassblowing tools including jacks, blocks, paddles and punties to shape the molten glass, adding colour and pattern before placing the finished work in an annealer (a kiln that cools the piece at a controlled rate to avoid stressing and cracking the glass).

$90 each (exc gst)

Available Appointments on June 20, 2021

There are no appointment time slots available for this day.


Ruth Allen has been blowing glass for 32 years. Her history stems from the Canberra School of Art where she graduated from a Bachelor of Arts degree in Glass in 1993, Ruth later went on to graduate from Monash University with a Masters of Fine Art in Sculpture & Glass in 2006. Ruth has exhibited, taught and participated in workshops in prominent glass venues around the world.

Ruth currently works from her own hot glass studio in Melbourne, the workshop is well equipped with; hot glass furnace, kilns & extensive cold working equipment. It is connected to her life-partners ceramic studio where complicated moulding procedures occur resulting in unique blowing moulds in a multiple of materials.

Ruth not only creates her own signature works from her studio, she now facilitates many other artists to actualise their visions and participates collaboratively on large scaled projects with interior designers, lighting designers and architects.



Please note that the glass pieces you make during your workshop will have to cool down gradually in a kiln overnight to avoid cracking. In most cases you may collect your work the following afternoon or arrange another time. For those not in a position to collect their work, we can freight it to you for an extra minimal cost.



Closed toe shoes must be worn. Loose cotton shirt and long pants is advised.

Please bring your own water bottle and snacks if desired, water will be provided.



Participants MUST turn up to the studio on time. If you are late we cannot guarantee that you will have the time to execute the pieces scheduled for your session. We encourage you to arrive early and watch others working the material to get ‘a feel’ for the process.

RUTH studio has public liability insurance but it is important to note that RUTH will not be held responsible for any accident that may occur within her studio at any time.



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